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four coloured journals

International Book Publications

Key foreign language book publications from the Thinking Together team

As well as these International foreign language publications you can find further books, journals and chapters in English on the Publications page.

Palabras y mentes book cover

Mercer, N. (2000) Palabras y Mentes (Words and Minds: Spanish translation). Barcelona: Paidos

Talking Points for Shakespear Plays

Mercer, N. (1997) La Construction Guida del Conocimiento (The Guided Construction of Knowledge: Spanish translation). Barcelona: Paidos.

El Conocimiento Compartido (Spanish translation) book cover

Edwards, D. & Mercer, N. (1999) El Conocimiento Compartido (Spanish translation of Common Knowledge: the development of understanding in the classroom). Barcelona: Paidos.


Mercer, N. (2001) Palabras y mentes: cómo usamos el lenguaje para pensar juntos (Vol. 39). Grupo Planeta (GBS).


Mercer, N., Hargreaves, L., & García-Carrión, R. (2016). Aprendizaje e interacciones en el aula. Hipatia Press.


Perez Linares, J. and Wegerif, R. (2019) Dialogar para pensar y aprender juntos en el aula. Mexico city: Porrua

Book cover

Mercer, N. (2015) Words and Minds (Korean translation). Seoul: Youkrack.

Interthinking (Korean language version) book cover

Littleton, K. & Mercer, N. (2019) Interthinking (Korean translation). Seoul: Sigma Press.

Dialogic Education

Mercer, N. & Littleton, K. (2013) Dialogue and the Development of Children’s Thinking (Mandarin translation). Beijing: CRTVU Press.

Dialogic Education

Mercer, N. (1993) The Guided Construction of Knowledge (Greek translation). Athens: Metaixmio